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Are you looking for the high-quality network components with sufficient capacity and functional reliability? Do you expect technical performance that is approved by the telecom operators?

Reliable, high-quality network components

Orbis offers a wide range of high-class fiber optic cable products and components, panels, enclosures and installation materials, as well as devices and tools for installation and measurement.

In addition to a good network of principals, we have our own manufacturing and product development facility. This helps us deeply understand the details that matter when it comes to quality. Products that we offer have been tested for technical performance by us, so you don’t have to hesitate whether or not they will meet your requirements.

Tailored cable assemblies

Since 1999, our production site in Estonia has specialized in manufacturing telecom products. We provide tailored solutions for fiber optic and RF cabling, hybrid cabling, power distribution and mechanics (panels, racks, etc.). With our experience, high-level handicraft skills and constantly measured quality, we can ensure you get the best in class assemblies. We are able to offer also small batches, and if needed quickly increase the capacity with the help of our partner network.

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