Pigtails and fiber optic adapters

Pigtails are used to terminate the fiber optic trunk cable. There is an LC or SC connector with APC or UPC polishing at one end of the pigtail, the other end is cut and can be spliced to the trunk cable. The pigtails are sold in package of 12 pcs on a cardboard sheet, either in single color or in IEC 60304 colors (order according to FIN2012).

Fiber optic adapters for the fiber optic panels and enclosures are available as LC or SC connector types either in standard or dust protected versions in sizes simplex, duplex or quattro. Adapters for APC polished single mode fibers are green, for UPC polished single mode blue, and the color of multi-mode adapters is chosen according to its category. Adapters are sold in multi-piece packages.

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