Indoor Mobile Coverage

When you design or install telecom and data networks, it is necessary to constantly keep track on the latest technical requirements and regulations. Especially, solutions for indoor mobile coverage require special expertise, which we at Orbis are pleased to provide you, along with our comprehensive product range.

Solutions that secure sufficient mobile coverage

Inside large buildings, as well as underground, the mobile operator’s radio frequency signal may in places become weak or even have blind spots, which leads to unavailability of services. The same may happen in small buildings, when built according to the new energy saving building structures.

With Orbis’s solutions, radio frequency signals can be transmitted in a simple way: catch the desired frequencies from different base stations, amplify them in repeaters and transmit further with indoor antennas. This is called a mobile coverage network, also known as distributed antenna network (DAS).

Predictability and fast deliveries

When your project schedule is tight, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. At Orbis, we understand the importance of predictability. Therefore, we put effort in making sure you get the components you need, in the quantities you need, and delivered on time.

To guarantee fast deliveries, we maintain our own stock in Finland. In this webshop, you can find tested quality components for indoor coverage: RF adapters, hybrids, diplexers, power splitters, tappers, terminations and cables. You can see the stock availability of each item.

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 Passive coverage network (DAS)


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