GKS test probes

Ingun's product range is the largest on the market with several hundred Test Probe series. Ingun has also specialised in customer-specific test probes.

Test Probes are used for example for: data signals, high current measurements, fine-pitch probes, twisted probes, aggressive probes for reliable contact, and switching probes for detection of the presence of the component.

Choose the GKS Test probe and KS Receptacle from Ingun Test Probes Catalogue >> or from Ingun Product Finder >>.


  • High-quality circuit board tests up to 20 GHz
  • Optional for example: single-ended, multi-ended, built-in dampener and compressed air
  • Very durable and long lasting, accurate focus, high-quality materials as well as assembly, very small test areas
  • Various types of needles and mounting lengths
  • The largest product line in the world

When the package consists of 100 pcs, you can also purchase a smaller amount, however in this case the handling fee of 40 euros will be added per each item type.

GKS test probes

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