Tools for Electronics Test and Measurement

When developing and manufacturing devices for data communications, assemblies must be tested to verify they operate as specified and enable data transfer according to the defined criteria.

Top-quality testing equipment from leading manufacturers

Orbis offers an extensive range of high quality test and measurement components, RF cables, test fixtures and test probes manufactured by the leading international companies. Our offering includes high-precision test probes and test fixtures developed and manufactured by INGUN in Germany, with dozens of years of experience. As well, we provide high end RF cable connectors, adapters and attenuators by a Swiss company Huber+Suhner, which is known for quality in precision and performance to meet the highest demands. For decades, Orbis has represented both these respected brands.

Top-quality tailored solutions by Orbis

In addition to the offering from the leading brands, Orbis has an own manufacturing site in Saue, Estonia, to serve customers with special needs for high-quality customized assemblies.

We supply for example: flexible, hand-bendable and semi-rigid cables, microwave cables up to 20 GHz, and signal cables. We are proud to provide you competent R&D from ideas to production, comprehensive turnkey solutions, precise testing for high performance and flexible manufacturing capacity for both large and small series. We also provide quick and reliable deliveries to make sure your products will be in the right place at the right time.

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Electronic Test & Measurement


Note! The webshop does not cover our complete product portfolio. In our own production, we are able to produce tailored, high quality cable assemblies according to your specific needs. Please, contact our sales for more information.

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