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All prices on this webshop are shown without taxes (VAT 0%), unless it is mentioned otherwise.

We only sell goods to another businesses with valid VAT number and cross-border, from Finland to EU, therefore we do not charge VAT.

All prices are added with applicable tax which is shown on the cart. The currency is Euro. We reserve the right to make changes on pricing and other conditions. Customer agrees on these terms when placing an order.

Minimum order is 100€ (VAT 0%).

Changes in prices caused by the actions of domestic or foreign governments or authorities as well as by change of exchange rates or cost of materials can be taken into consideration in invoicing immediately after the basis for the change have become effective. The liability of Orbis shall under no circumstances include indirect or consequential damages or losses. The Products shall remain the property of Orbis until the contract price has been paid in full.

Orbis' General Conditions of Sale and Delivery

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All prices VAT 0%.