Cookies on our webshop

Cookies are small text files which are stored on a user's device when visiting a website.

Unique visitor identification is required in the webshop for placing orders. We also strive primarily to produce content that is interesting and necessary for our customers and we want to make it easily accessible. For this reason, we store and combine information collected with cookies from our online services. Description of the personal data processing can be found in register description >>

You can delete the stored cookies from your web browser after using the service or you can block them in your web browser settings. On Worbis you can find link to the cookie settings on the bottom of the page.

Necessary cookies


Our webshops and need cookies to function, for example, to collect products in a shopping cart and to process orders.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager manages cookies. It loads the cookie set you have chosen and shares the various tags and scripts of code which our webshop needs to function.

Google analytics

Visitor tracking helps us develop our website. The tracking includes, e.g. the number of visitors to the site and which pages are visited. In case the necessary cookies is set, the analytics is saved only on visitor group level.

Other cookies


Hotjar service anonymously collects data, which shows the points of the page that interest visitors the most. It helps us to provide interesting content more accessible.


Pardot connects our online services to our customer register and newsletters. These cookies enable e.g. subscribing content to email and event registrations.

Leadoo chat

Via chat you can contact our customer service or leave a message.

Updated 22nd May 2023

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