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For a decade, Orbis has partnered with telecom operators, component suppliers and installers in building mobile networks to arctic conditions. This has helped us truly understand the requirements of functional base station cabling. Our technical expertise and knowledge of the customer’s installation environment, combined with our strong network of principals, have given us the advantage in developing robust, reliable and easy to install solutions.

From a single component to turnkey solutions

Orbis’s product offering covers all that you need for base station cabling: Fiber to the antenna FTTA, Power to the antenna PTTA and RF to the antenna RFTTA solutions. Replacement of failed parts high up in the mast is expensive, therefore we pay special attention to the component quality. Whether you need a single component or a complete turnkey cabling solution, Orbis helps you in selecting high quality, easy to install products, that are tested for excellent operational functionality in harsh field conditions.

Details that matter

When building base station cabling for mobile networks, things like one feeder cable and one connection box may seem just details. But, in fact, it’s the details that matter.

Orbis OptoMast product line provides a variety of highly customized base station network solutions with all components in one package: fiber optic feeder line, connection box, jumper cables and clamps. Each component is tested for excellent operational reliability with well thought out features that enable easy and cost-effective building, upgrading and maintaining of base station network. For more information, our Solution Sales will be able to assist you with further questions, please see contact information below.

Standard components from our stock

Orbis stores basic models of base station cabling accessories in its own store located in Finland. These products are available for order in this webshop, where you can also see the stock availability. is open 24/7.

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