Orbis Fiber Enclosure OMK-06-192-12F16

Maximum 192 fibers, 16 trays

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Orbis Fiber Enclosure is designed for cross-connection and splicing of all kinds of fiber optic cables. It protects fibers in the distribution point of the network.

  • Installation and re-opening with only few tools
  • Can be re-opened and re-used
  • Light and durable structure
  • Resistant to chemicals and UV light
  • Protection class IP68
  • Compatible with all kinds of fiber optical cables
  • Includes mounting kit


  • Splicing underground
  • Tunnels and caves
  • Wall mounting


Cover and bottom connected with a locking collar and sealed with a O ring. Enclosure can be locked and includes both grounding and ventilation.

Fiber ports are on the bottom

  • Elliptical port 1 pc for cable,30 x 82 mm
  • 6 pc round ports for cable diameter max 30 mm

Technical features

Amount of fibers max:


Splicing trays max:

16 kpl x 12-k

Ports on the bottom:

1 + 6 pc
Height: 432 mm
Diameter: Ø 279 mm
Weight: 3 kg

UV protected

Color: black

Installation temperature lowest:

−15 °C


  • Hook for suspension
  • Hot shrinking tubes
  • Splicing trays
  • Grounding
  • Mounting kit for a wall or a pole
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