LC DPX APC installation set for 30 apartments

Fiber optic cabling installation set for 30 apartments

Product code
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Orbis offers high-quality fiber optic cabling products for internal network installations in residential buildings. We have now collected installation sets that include components needed for fiber optic cabling of 30 apartments.

Installation set includes

Product code    
Product name
3000537 LC APC DPX 25pcs 5
3003653 Cable Tie Twist Lock 50pcs 1
2028253 Curly Lock-Adhesive Mount-Nat 50
2003503 Cable Tie 4.6x300mm 100
3000530 LC APC 12pcs 2m 20
2010002 Blanking Plug SC Black 100pcs 1
3000964 Splice protection sleeve 60mm, 100pcs 3
2003466 Cable Tie 2.5x100mm black 100
2030148 Cleaning stick 1,25mm 50pcs 1

Ease of ordering

Placing an order is easy: you only need one product code for a full set, no other item numbers are needed. Also, project calculation is easier, as you don’t have to list and calculate individual components, but only need the number of apartments in the project. 

Related mechanics are site specific and therefore to be ordered separately.

Main benefits

  • Ease of ordering: all the needed components with just one product code
  • Ease of project calculation: you only need to know the number of apartments
  • Products are delivered in a cardboard box that is easy to carry and reopen/reclose
Technical details
Application Fiber To The Home (FTTH)
All prices VAT 0%.