Cable clamp 1 1/4 w/security wire M8/25, 50 pcs

Orbis, for leaky cable, to cable tray, screw fix. Incl. stainless steel safety wire, suitable for I-profiles.

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Plastic cable clamp with metallic security wire provides one product solution for radiating RF cable installations. Metallic security wire prevents cable from falling down in case of fire, so when using this product metallic cable clamps at certain intervals are no longer needed. The recommended distance between the clamps is 80-120 cm.

Plastic RF cable clamp with metallic security wire fits to most cable trays, that are maximum of 25mm in diameter. The clamp can be mounted to the side of the cable tray or under the tray, or, with a M8 anchor to the ceiling or the wall. Plastic RF cable clamp with security wire is suitable for moist conditions, like tunnels, as its metal parts are made of stainless steel.

  • Manually lockable and unlockable
  • Does not open up in vibration
  • Including installation bracket and fixing screw, size M8/25
  • Distance from the installation surface to the center of the cable 100mm
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